3 Stage Baby Oral Hygiene Set Infant Oral Care Kit Advanced Baby Toothbrush + Tongue Cleaner (Assorted Color)

$18.00 USD

About the Product- Stage 1 - Tongue Cleaner (0m+) - Helper to clean the bacteria coated tongue Stage 2 - Toothbrush Trainer (6m+) - Massages and clean baby gum and teeth Stage 3 - Training Baby To...
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Baby Safety Nail Cutter,Scissors -Manicure Accessory-Easy To Control than Fingernail Clipper-1 pc

$6.30 USD

About the Product- Circular Cutter Head Specially Designed for Safely Cutting Nails of your Infant. The Short Size of the Cutting Blades is Especially Suited for Clipping Nails of a Baby. Enables ...
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Soft Delicate Cleaning Tongue Cleaner for Babies Baby Kids Infant (Assorted Color)

$8.10 USD

About the Product- Soft Circle Ring for gentle cleaning of baby tongue and gums - maintainsoral hygiene in babies Residues of milk and bacterial coatings can be easily removed from the tongue with...
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