Longwave Diathermy Machine - BT Longwave

$799.00 USD


Pioneer Solution introduces Longwave Diathermy for International Physiotherapy and rehabilitation market.

Longwave is much better and superior modality for relieving pain , compared to Shortwave (SWD) and Ultrasound.

Few points about of Longwave which makes it superior to SWD and Ultrasound Therapy :

  • Longwave works at 1Mhz , where as SWD works at 27.12Mhz,
  • Longwave has power output of just 25 watts
  • Unlike SWD, Longwave will not produce any interference with other
  • Longwave can be used, with patients having metal implants.
  • Heat generated due to Longwave, will remain for 45mins.
  • Longwave has deep penetration of 40mm.
  • Unlike Ultrasound, Longwave will not have any irritation to boney parts.
  • Most of the energy remains in high density tissue like ligaments
  • Highly portable approx 4 kgs.

Clinical results prove that Longwave is much better modality than Shortwave and Ultrasound.

With indigenous technology, it is now possible to buy Longwave at much affordable price. 


  • Wave Length :300 meters
  • Frequency : 1 Mhz
  • Timer : 0 to 30 Min
  • Power : Variable in 10 steps, Digitally Controlled
  • Mains : 230V, 50 Hz
  • Weight : 3.5 Kg with Accessories
  • CE certified 

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