Frog Finger Splint Align and Stabilize the Fractured or Injured Distal Finger

$4.73 USD

About the Product- Provides alignment, immobilization and orthopedic support to injured inter phalange joint Alleviates pain and further damage to blood vessels and nerves Aluminum body with ethaf...
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Hernia Belt Support with Special Foam Pads - Superior comfort and Adjustable Pressure (Small)

$9.88 USD

About the Product- Adjustable leg and abdominal straps for controlled and customized pressure Anatomical Pads for pressing at the appropriate spot - enhanced effectiveness Made of special grade Et...
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Leg Cast Cover With Automatic Water Seal Protection,Reusable and Convenient for Easy Pull Single Hand Operation (Unisize

$22.50 USD

About the Product Keeps casted leg or dressing completely dry during shower, bath or rain – made of PVC, rubber, PP Rigid ring frame with stretchable diaphragm offers self-sealing mechanism. Innov...
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Patella Knee Band Strap with Silicon Pad - Effective Tendon support and Jumpers Knee Relief

$5.62 USD

About the Product- Unique Anatomical Pad Design – Positions the Patella Properly for Optimal Tendon Compression Silicon Pad Material absorbs jerky vibrations around the patella and tendon while of...
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Reusable Arm Cast Cover, Easy Self-wear, Light & Travel-friendly Keeps Cast and Bandage Waterproof

$16.20 USD

About the Product:- Convenient mean to keep cast, bandage or prosthetics dry during shower, bath or even outdoors Easy pull on / pull off for Self Use - Rigid ring for self holding stability - no ...
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Tennis Elbow Brace Support Band - Breathable Enhanced with Silicone Pad for Impact Absorption

$0.00 USD

About the Product- Superior PUF Fused Fabric - Breathable, enhanced life, Improved Comfort Design Advantage - Reverse Buckle for strong grip and firm compression Silicone Pad with projections impr...
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