3M ESPE Clinpro XT Varnish

$122.00 USD

3M ESPE  Clinpro XT Varnish

Preventing dentinal hypersensitivity can be a daunting task. Clinpro XT Extended Contact Varnish, creates a protective barrier and provides immediate sensitivity relief while offering additional benefits. This exciting new technology also contains and releases fluoride, calcium and phosphate. In-vitro studies demonstrate that Clinpro XT Extended Contact Varnish creates a caries inhibition zone under and around the coating.1

Clinpro XT Extended Contact Varnish is a site-specific, light-cured RMGIC durable coating that forms an immediate layer of protection to relieve dentinal hypersensitivity. The "XT" in the product name is intended to reflect the products properties as an "extended varnish," having long-term durability with fluoride release. Clinpro XT Extended Contact Varnish:

- Releases more fluoride than conventional fluoride varnishes over a 24 hr period
- Provides a barrier, that remains on the tooth for 6 months
- Releases fluoride, calcium and phosphate
- Can be recharged with fluoride dentifrice