Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable

$25.00 USD

Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable

Code: B 03
Sizes Available: S / M / L

Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable is used for supporting, immobilizing or adjusting the neck in the flexion, extension, or hyperextension position. Recommended where a rigid immobilization of the cervical region is required.

  • Anatomical shape.
  • Comfortable edge padding.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Slight weight.
  • Latex free.


Salient feature

    • Edge padding by ethafoam
      • Better cushioning and comfort
      • long functional life
      • Light in weight
      • No leaching no allergy
      • Better cushioning and comfort
    • Anatomically designed with height adjustment
      • Ensures perfect fitting
      • Improves immobilsation
      • Enhances comfort
    • Perforated
      • Better ventilation
      • Enhances comfort
      • Better patient compliance.
    • High quality PE Sheet
      • Ensures rigid support
      • Long life of the collar
      • Improves aesthetics