Dental Endomotor NSK Endo-Mate DT

$935.00 USD


  • Illuminated Display for greater visibility
  • Flexible Speed Control between 200~ 40,000 min-1
  • Optic/Non Optic Brushless micromotor with the Lowest Noise and vibration level
  • User friendly simple operation
  •       Up to 8 User - programmable Preset Memories
  • Hands free operation via Foot control unit
  • Powered with Advanced Handpiece Calibration
  • Autoclavable handpiece
  • Programs: 8 Programs
  • Max. Output/Max. Torque : 210W/ 80 Ncm
  • Power Supply : AC 120V/230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Max. Pump output : 75 mL/min


Surgic Pro+ with 210W high power

80 Ncm powerful torque

Wide speed range of 200 ~ 40,000 min-1

Large backlit LCD Display to see & check the displayed data

User can save up to 8 preferred settings (speed, torque,

 coolant flow and rotational direction)

Control Unit with advanced hand piece calibration for torque

 & speed accuracy

Data Accessibility - Treatment data can be accessed &

 downloaded using a USB memory stick. (USB memory stick is optional)

Micro motor with 2m Cord

Data storage facility - Can record the date, speed, rotational

 direction, torque, gear ratio, coolant solution flow volume up

 to 100min, with no special software needed.

20:1 Reduction dismentable Hand piece

Control Panel with Hand piece Light Intensity variation Control

 (Off / Mediam / High)

Foot Control :

Speed Control Coolant Control Forward/Rev