Diamond LED Delux Blood Pressure Monitor

$125.00 USD

Product Description

The Diamond LED Delux Blood Pressure Monitor incorporates a LED monitor, a LCD panel, and a USB port to help medical professionals take advantage of the latest technologies to measure blood pressure with enhanced accuracy and improved convenience.

Digital Readout for Precise Results

The device relies on the same principle as the conventional instrument that relied on rising of mercury to determine the blood pressure. However, mercury has been replaced by a LED light that moves to indicate the blood pressure of the patient. Further, the device has a LCD panel that can be used to obtain a digital reading of the blood pressure. Doctors will find this device a lot more convenient as compared to the conventional monitor with analog dials and markings.

The monitor has a special deluxe cuff that is very easy to put on and involves zero discomfort to the patient throughout the check up. The apparatus is very simple to operate and can be used even by senior professionals who are not comfortable with using latest technological devices. The cuff has a dual control valve that helps track the blood pressure with enhanced accuracy. The device can be powered by connecting it to the computer’s or laptop’s USB port. Or, one can opt for batteries when using the device in the field. The device consumes very little power, which minimizes risk of quick draining of the battery.

The apparatus is sturdy, reliable, and accurate even when exposed to rough conditions. It is an effective improvement over the traditional blood pressure monitor that incorporates newer features without compromising on accuracy of results.