Diamond Dial Deluxe Blood Pressure Apparatus

$74.00 USD

Product Description

Diamond Dial Deluxe Blood Pressure Apparatus is a compact and functional tool for practicing or employed medical professionals and individuals who need to keep track of their blood pressure on a regular basis.

Quality Monitor with Self Calibration Feature

This desktop modem apparatus comes with a dial gauge that can be calibrated by the user without any difficulty or hassles. This makes it a lot more convenient to use as compared to monitors with non-adjustable dials. Tracking your blood pressure involves nothing more than using the bellow and cuff and watching the BP on the dial. The printed dial has a lower range of 20mm and an upper scale of 300 mm and has a 2mm Hg resolution for accurate and precise readings.

The cuff and bellows are very easy to use and are made out of quality materials designed to last a very long time despite regular use. The cuff is designed to facilitate an easy grip, which ensures you don’t have to adjust with any discomfort whatsoever. The casing is made of Aluminium Zinc alloy and is manufactured through pressure die casting and will ensure you get precise readings at all times. Further, all metal parts of the BP monitor are treated with Nickel and Chromium to minimize risk of rust or corrosion. The casing is combined with a crystal cover glass for good visibility. The cover is resistant to scratches and will not crack or shatter even in the event of contact with any sharp or hard object.

The plastic and rubber parts are made of high-quality materials designed to enhance functionality and ease of use. The product comes in a soft carrying case that lets you keep the monitor close to you at all times.