Diamond ST012 Deluxe Stethoscope

$42.00 USD

Product Description

Diamond Dual Stethoscope Deluxe (ST012) Features: 1) Dual sided brass chest piece 2) Diaphragm for best auscultation 3) Provided with non-chill retaining ring and bell ring 4) Chrome plated internal spring binaural 5) Superb Acoustic sensitivity 6) Stainless steel chest piece and binaural 7) Suitable for best auscultation in pediatric 8) Non chill rim design 9) Soft ear tips About Brand Diamond" is the only brand with full range in B.P.Instruments in India. Diomond extensive range includes more than 30 models of Conventional Blood Pressure instruments (Mercurial & Dial type), Mercury Free BP Instruments (LCD and LED type) as well as Stethoscopes for all class of Doctor`s use, and Self- measuring models (Digital BP Monitors and Conventional BP with built in Stethoscope) for personal use.