Forest Essentials Mysore Sandalwood & Vetiver Body Oil 200 Ml

$30.00 USD


Rejuvenate your dull skin with Mysore Sandalwood and Vetiver Body Oil from Forest Essentials. This rich body oil is adorned with excellent moisturising and nourishing properties of organic black sesame oil which tones and firms the skin. Wheat germ oil helps in improving blood circulation and repairs damaged skin cells. Rice bran oil is an antioxidant and rich in nutrients and potent herbs like Ashwgandha, a superior anti-oxidant herb renowned for its anti-ageing properties.

Special features

Forest Essentials massage oils have a base of pure cold pressed unrefined Sesame Oil, which has been naturally processed so that they are nutrient rich. These oils are blended with pure essential oils which add their own special properties. Massage tones,


Cold Pressed Organic Black Sesame Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Aswagandha, Bala, Sandalwood Essential Oil and Vetiver Essential Oil

How to Use

It is use to
massage all over body with gentle
firm strokes. Leave for preferably an
hour before a bath for maximum
absorption of nutrients.