Leg Cast Cover With Automatic Water Seal Protection,Reusable and Convenient for Easy Pull Single Hand Operation (Unisize

$22.50 USD

About the Product

  • Keeps casted leg or dressing completely dry during shower, bath or rain – made of PVC, rubber, PP
  • Rigid ring frame with stretchable diaphragm offers self-sealing mechanism.
  • Innovative design assists in easy one hand application and free foot movement.
  • IMPORTANT: Detailed Instruction Leaflet to ensure proper wearing without Tear
  • Reusable and durable – Unisize; Suitable for any circumference between 14-28 “and 35” length

Product Description

The leg cast cover is best suited to protect the casted leg or dressings from water or moisture during bath, shower and rain, etc. It also improves hygiene by protecting the cast from dust or other pollutants thus increases the life of cast and prevents re-casts….The anatomical shape allows free foot movement and easy pull on application. The body of the cast is flexible and non-porous to prevent knots, ties, accumulation of pollutants and water retention….It has universal sizing; Circumference; 14-28 inches (35.5-71.0 cms), length; up to 34.5 inches (87.5 cms). For your size, measure circumference of the leg above the cast and length of the cast.