New Electro Surgical Generators (Victor XL Plus)

$2,045.00 USD

Victor XL Plus id a top of  the line micro Controller Based Mode with 99 Programes high speed tissue respone circuit

and host of modes and superior bipolar performance for the customers who demand the best.

Techinal Specification
Max Power 400 W
Display 7 Segment Digital
Programe 99
Monopolar Cut Modes 2 Cut, 5, Blend1,Blend2 3 Endo Cut
Monopolar Coagulation Modes Spray, Dessicate, Fulgurate
Bipolar Modes Micro, Macro, Cut
Tissue Response Circuit Present
Patient Plate Monitoring System Present
Dimension (WxHxD) & Weight 300mm x 150mm x 340mm & 5.5kg