Electrotherapy Machine Muscle Stimulator - BT DMS

$299.00 USD

DMS - Diagnostic Muscle STIMULTRs come under the category of therapeutic equipment. The Diagnostic Muscle STIMULTR is designed to provide a wide range of currents namely Galvanic, Interrupted Galvanic, Faradic, Surge Faradic and even T.E.N..S for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The therapeutic applications include treatment of partial paralysis causing muscle atrophy, abnormal muscle activity, accidents causing nerve injuries, pain modification (which is the primary goal of T.E.N..S therapy) etc. The diagnostic application refers to accumulation of data for plotting the ÒStrength-DurationÓ curve which, as we know, as an important consideration in muscle evaluation and planning a future course of action.


  •        Backlit LCD display
    ·      The device is portable and lightweight.
    ·       It is user friendly since it provides a very simple, user-guided interface.
    ·       It provides five different stimulus currents.
    ·       Microprocessor controlled unit.
    ·       Provision for operating the treatment either in CONT mode or TIMER mode.
    ·       Patient safety circuit included.
    ·       ABS shock proof cabinet.
    ·       Mains supply = 110- 230V AC


  •         Pair of Output Cables Ð 1 No.
    ·       Point Electrode Ð 1 No.
    ·       Conductive Rubber Electrodes- 2 Nos.
    ·       Fastening straps- 2 Nos.
    ·       Operating Manual- 1 No.