Dental X-ray RVG Sensor - Sirona Xios XG Select Size 2

$3,140.00 USD

Sirona Xios XG Select RVG Size 2

Model - Xios XG Select 

Brand - Sirona

Made in Germany

The XIOS XG sensors are a particularly cost-effective solution for the most modern intraoral x-rays, with an outstanding workflow and an exceptionally brilliant image quality.

XIOS XG Select

The more cost-effective variant of the XIOS XG sensor, highly economical.

Simple cable replacement

If the cable is damaged, it can be easily and rapidly replaced on-site, guaranteeing optimal investment security. Only two screws have to be loosened.

Technical Specifications

XIOS XG Select

Sensors Size 2



Sensor 2: Active surface

25.6 x 36 mm

Sensor 2: Overall dimensions

31.2 x 43.9 x 6.3 mm

Physical pixel size

15 ìm

Measured resolution

16 Lp/mm

Theoretical resolution

16.7 Lp/mm

Sensor cable length

Up to max. 2.7 m

USB module


USB port of USB module

Version 2.0

Power supply

USB port


Storage device and charger with LED status display