Soft Delicate Cleaning Tongue Cleaner for Babies Baby Kids Infant (Assorted Color)

$8.10 USD

About the Product-

  • Soft Circle Ring for gentle cleaning of baby tongue and gums - maintainsoral hygiene in babies
  • Residues of milk and bacterial coatings can be easily removed from the tongue with the Soft Circle
  • Anti-slide snail rings which are very soft on baby's tongue;Very Convenient to use
  • Soft Cleaning Circle made of Thermoplastic Rubber; Holding Grip of Polypropylene
  • Length - Approx. 4 inches long; weight of the cleaner is about 8 grams; COLOR may vary


Product Description-

Babies are very delicate and need gentle attention and care. Every part of their body requires extra care. Oral care is an essential part of their complete care routine. This baby tongue cleaner is a revolutionary product to maintain oral health of babies. The ultra soft circle is very gentle on the surface of baby's tongue. All the residual coatings of milk and other bacteria can be easily removed by dragging the soft circle in outward



The Handle of cleaner is made of Polypropylene and soft circle is made of thermoplastic rubber.Some precautions should be considered while using this product: This product is not meant to be boiled or sterilized. Always check the product thoroughly and wash it before every use and replace accordingly. Please consult doctor if baby is going through gum disease and mouth bleeding.