THERA-BAND Latex Free Professional Resistance Bands

$16.00 USD


Latex Free Thera-Band Resistance Bands

Latex free Thera-Bands are a quality product that offer countless possibilities for Strength or flexibility training for people who may be sensitive to latex.  They are also used in rehabilitation.

Thera-Band latex free resistance bands are made of a synthetic elastomer.

They come in 5 different strengths.  This is helpful for increasing the challenge of a current strength or range of motion routine.

 The latex free yellow Theraband is a light resistance band suitable for gentle return to exercise after injury.

 The latex free red Theraband is a medium resistance band suitable for gentle exercise and strengthening.

 The latex free green Theraband is a heavy resistance band suitable for exercise and strengthening.

 The latex free blue Theraband is an extra heavy resistance band suitable for serious exercise and strengthening.

 The latex free black Special heavy Theraband is one of Thera-bands most heavy duty resistance bands.

There are many blogs and youtube clips that can give you ideas and guidance on how to use therabands for your specific purpose. 

Latex free Therabands can be integrated into nearly all training and rehabilitation programs simply and cost effectively.  Training with a Thera-band is easier on the joints and less likely to cause injuries than training with weights. Therabands are also light and can easily be taken along for use while travelling, at home or in the office.


Important information:

  • The latex free Thera-bands are 100% authentic and brand new.
  • They are supplied as a large roll in a Thera-band box from the distributor.
  • They are cut to the desired length to order.
  • Packaging: Once a length of Latex-Free Thera-band is cut, it is folded neatly and placed in a polythene bag. This polythene bag is placed in an envelope and posted on.
  • All equipment and surfaces used to handle and cut latex free Therabands is disinfected and wiped clean if it has previously handled Thera-bands made of latex.